Do’s and Don’ts Should a Leak Occur

Do’s and Don’ts Should a Leak Occur

Do’s and Don’ts Should a Leak Occur

What NOT to Do in Case of a Leak

  • DON’T initiate any open flame or other potential source of ignition such as an electrical switch, vehicle ignition, light a match, etc.
  • DON’T start motor vehicles or electrical equipment.
  • DON’T ring doorbells to notify others of the leak. Knock with your hand to avoid potential sparks from knockers.
  • DON’T come into direct contact with any escaping liquids or gas.
  • DON’T drive into a leak or vapor cloud while leaving the area.
  • DON’T attempt to operate any pipeline valves yourself. You may inadvertently route more product to the leak or cause a secondary incident.
  • DON’T attempt to extinguish a petroleum product or natural gas fire. Wait for local firemen and other professionals trained to deal with such emergencies.

What to DO in Case of a Leak

  • Turn off any equipment and eliminate any ignition sources without risking injury.
  • Leave the area by foot immediately. Try to direct any other bystanders to leave the area. Attempt to stay upwind.
  • From a safe location, notify the pipeline operator immediately and call 911 or your local emergency response number. The operator will need your name, your phone number, a brief description of the incident, and the location so the proper response can be initiated.